At Healing Hands Massage, we tailor fit our treatments to suit each of our clients own individual needs. You can stick to a traditional treatment or combine treaments for your own unique massage experience. It's totally up to You!

Hot Stones Massage

Try this ancient healing technique of applying smooth, flat basalt stones that are hydro-heated and applied to certain areas of your body. This treatment promotes improved blood circulation, which in turn warms and relaxes your muscles.

Swedish Massage

The original relaxation massage used to relieve stress and muscle tension. Combines effleurage (long and light, soothing strokes) and petrissage (kneading, wringing, skin rolling & pick-up-and-squeeze movements) to help you achieve a therapeutic feeling of relaxation and well-being.


Deep Tissue Massage

This is a deeper pressure massage, used to treat  dysfunctions and pain in deep underlying muscle tissues. Helps to break up tension, adhesions and trigger points of pain in your muscles.


Sports Massage

This is an invigorating, energy boosting massage that is performed before your workout. It involves warming up your muscles and light range-of-motion stretching. It also helps to speed your recovery times between strenuous workouts. A post-workout version  of this massage is also available.

Scalp Massage

This simple treatment involves kneading the soft tissue of your scalp and neck. This action stimulates the nerves and blood vessels beneath the skin, relieving pressure and calming the muscle tension around your head. Great for sufferers of migrane headaches!


Foot Massage

Feel like your carrying the weight of the world... On Your Feet? Treat yourself to our swedish style foot massage. Feel that weight disappear as your soreness melts away!


Couples Massage


Have a massage with a friend or significant other.  Licensed therapists are available for a simultaneous session. (Limited to 1 couple per session.)



Trigger Point Therapy


Trigger points are hyperirritable spots in the fascia surrounding skeletal muscle, presenting as "knots" on the muscle tissue.


Techniques involving isolated pressure, deep breathing and vibration are used to treat these areas. Receiving regular therapy is recommended to decrease and manage pain in trigger points.

 way of using gentle and sustained pressure into myofascial connective tissue for the purpose of eliminating pain, freeing up restrictions and restoring motion.


Techniques such as compression, traction & moving a body part against gravity creates that natural electrical current which allows for rehydration of the fascial system and a return of good energy flow through the muscle tissues. 

Chair Massage


Choose chair massage if you are on the go but would still like to benefit from a therapeutic massage.


Great for parties and business events!

Myofascial Release Therapy


Did you know that the Fascial System is made up of piezoelectric tissue? This means that when mechanical energy is applied to it, that energy can be converted into a natural electrical current!


Myofascial work is a safe and very effective